Secure Development Workspaces for Global Teams

Cloud Platform For Secure Coding And Data Science With Zero-Trust And Data Loss Prevention

Read about our Virtual Workspace Infrastructure platform
Virtual Workspace Infrastructure (VWI) Platform

Learn about the most productive and secure process management platform to deploy Cloud IDEs for coding and Data Science. We call it the Virtual Workspace Infrastructure (VWI) platform.

The Virtual Workspace Infrastructure (VWI) Platform

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Zero-Trust Architecture

Our platform enforces Zero-Trust architecture design practices for your DevOps process. It automates a 3-level microsegmentation across code repositories, data buckets, API secrets and DevOps tools.

Zero-Trust Architecture For Coding And Data Science Processes

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Data Loss Prevention

We provide the only Data Loss Prevention mechanism available for On-line Workspaces with Cloud IDEs to keep your data secure. We automate the auditing of process operations for compliance in any type of collaboration.

Data Loss Prevention For Development Workspaces

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Use the Virtual Workspace Infrastructure on Premise or on Any Cloud Provider to Increase DevSecOps Maturity, Lower IT Infrastructure Cost and Increase Developer's Productivity

How Companies Use Our Platform

  • Secure Code Development Outsourcing

    Expand your code development capability by onboarding any talent from any location while protecting your source code and data using our Zero-Trust Architecture with Data Loss Prevention. We created a Virtual Workspace Infrastructure (VWI) to deploy Cloud IDEs with plenty of collaborative features, data security and automation.

  • Data-Secure IDEs for Data Science

    Improve the data security of your Data Science process by using our platform to deploy Data Science Workspaces as full IDEs in your company or anywhere. Share your data securely during innovation tournaments on Kaggle. Connect to cloud pipelines and experiment management applications such as MLFlow, Kubeflow, etc. Connect your workspaces securely to code repositories, data buckets from all major cloud providers.

  • Zero-Trust, DLP-Enabled Cloud Coding

    You can operate your company like we do, we develop our platform using our platform. Our enterprise-grade cloud IDE platform allows you to put your entire DevOps process, including all coding activities in the Cloud. Our platform enforces zero-trust architecture principles in addition to providing data loss prevention. This will provide you with a leap improvement in your DevOps security and master DevSecOps automation.

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The Different Ways to Adopt Our Platform

Choose Your Solution

We are delivering our platform in two formats, depending your needs for expansion, customization, breadth of use and your budget.

Most Flexible


Quaterly to Yearly License
  • On-premise or in Your Cloud
  • On-demand customizations
  • Monthly updates
  • Level 1,2,3 enterprise support
  • Managed service available
Make Any Company's Assets Zero-Trust


Monthly License
  • Hosted service
  • Pre-package features
  • Free Tier
  • Ticket support
  • Ideal for SMEs, Start-Ups

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